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Youth Programs at 
Claymore Fighting & Fitness

Claymore was the first to offer a certified youth-specific Krav Maga program in North Alabama, with a nationally-recognized curriculum designed to bring out the best in your child. Kids from any experience level can enjoy real self-defense training, positive role models, and powerful bully prevention skills.


Ages 5-10 yrs

30-minute COED classes

Monday & Wednesdays 4:00pm

Saturdays 8:30am

Belt testing every 3-6 months

Uniform: shirt, shorts, & gloves (provided with registration fee)

No annual contract required!

*Discount for additional siblings


Ages 10-14 yrs

45-minute COED classes

Monday & Wednesdays 4:30pm

Saturdays 9:00am

Belt testing every 9-12 months

Uniform: shirt, shorts, & gloves (provided with registration fee)

No annual contract required!

*Discount for additional siblings


Get Started in Youth Krav Maga


Contact us or stop by and introduce yourself. We created a positive community that welcomes everyone at any skill level.

Try a free class and let us know what you think. Our youth classes are for ages 5 to 14.

Your child will build confidence and learn techniques from our elite instructors.

i believe we have the best youth program in huntsville
-Coach ryan

Benefits of Martial Arts


Self-defense skills

Flexibility & agility

Full body workout


Coordination & balance


Mental well-being

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Social skills


Studies show that physical activity programs support the improvement of childhood cognition and brain health. Martial arts specifically is linked to increased processing speed and improved cognitive flexibility.

Research indicates that martial arts programs are helpful for improving the physical fitness of preschool and school children, especially for parameters such as cardiorespiratory fitness, speed, agility, strength, flexibility, coordination, and balance.

If your child isn’t comfortable participating in team sports, Krav Maga can provide a noncompetitive activity that raises the heart rate without putting them in potentially stressful situations.

Our Families Love Claymore


people are talking

"Ryan is an excellent instructor who’s great at encouraging and developing each child while promoting a respectful and safe learning environment." - Nathan D.

"Not only are my girls learning to protect themselves, but I've also noticed a boost in overall confidence." - Mary Beth

"We've noticed a great improvement in our children's overall endurance, athleticism, and attitudes since starting two years ago at Claymore." - Dale G.

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